The success of our applications is largely due to the processing and installation, and the appropriate selection of materials. We are in a perpetual search for new materials in order to optimize the quality of the final product. After performing tests in accordance with architectural specifications and based on local conditions, we are then ready to include them in our lists of materials used.


Our Parquet floorings are of unique quality and high aesthetics. Our company, regarding the supply of materials, cooperates with leading European companies in the industry, thus ensuring that the products you choose are guaranteed and carry all the necessary certifications.

At the same time, our specialized staff undertakes the installation of the floor, with professionalism and consistency, observing the schedules and specifications. Our goal is for the final result to fully meet your functional and aesthetic criteria.

In assiourasbros you will find three rows of interior floors suitable for internal use suitable for both residential real estate and business premises.


The exterior deck is an add-on that drastically upgrades the exterior of any building! It is exceptionally beautiful in appearance, of unique functionality, as its resistance to high temperatures ensures, even during the summer months, the ability to walk with bare feet. Of importance is both the choice of the appropriate timber for the deck and the way it is placed.

Our company endeavors to promote innovative deck solutions according the needs and the aesthetical result of the end user. In addition with the safety, resistance and long life service of every proposal in a perspective to mature with the end user.

Our goal is to love the wood deck as much as we do.


With proven experience in the field since 2005 and with several projects to our credit, at assiourasbros we are always ready to make our proposals. We use highly innovative materials and techniques that offer secure applications, minimum maintenance and high aesthetics.

Shading Systems

assiourasbros offers a wide variety of innovative materials and techniques to cover a wide spectrum of shading needs. The moving shading blinds by assiourasbros combine aesthetics and functionality in every project.

In addition, the control by rotation, sliding or folding of the blinds provides contemporary architecture with stylish and innovative proposals.


Our company, having many completed projects to its credit proves its expertise in cladding since 2005, offers a variety of selected excellent materials.

The restless spirit that pervades its founders, pushed in a constant search for the best and most robust way wood application, a result of which is the hidden supports used in projects, that although they do not compromise on safety.

Custom Applications

True to its values, assiourasbros company always seeks the desired result so that you feel each project is unique and personal. Handrails, exterior furniture and cladding are just some of the creations we have built with passion for our customers.

Sometimes, of course, the special requirements of our customers have led us to creations beyond conventional constructions indoors and outdoors.

It is worth noting here, however, that the size of each project does not matter. Several times, the smallest and seemingly simplest is the one that requires a lot of study for its design and construction, so that it is and looks unique.