assiourasbros is a family business established in 2005 in Athens by brothers Theodore, Mario and Konstantinos. Worked in shading structures and external wooden building elements.

Due to the evolution of modern architecture in Greece, the inclusion of wood has become more demanding, and we therefore broadened the range of our products in order to meet the ever-changing market.

With great care and success, our company is at the forefront of developments selecting the appropriate timber for each unique project as well as determining the most innovative processing and installation techniques.

Today, we have the largest portfolio throughout Greece of such projects as described above, many of them having been recognized and awarded prizes. Many of these projects were highly demanding and innovative in their application.

The first application of external wood paneling, with full exposure to the elements, was executed by our company in 2005. To this day, the paneling continues to uplift the building as it first did 11 years ago..