In order to offer a wide range of services from A to Z, assiourasbros is working with a team of professionals with vast experience.

Designers, structural engineers and skilled technicians are working together flawlessly with a common mission: a high quality aesthetic and functional result that will exceed the expectations of our customer.


If you want a top quality wooden construction, reconstruction or maintenance at your place, just register your interest by contacting us.


Our project manager is visiting your place, imprinting it and taking photos while providing solutions and advice for both the aesthetic and functional, as well as the financial part of the construction.


The cooperation of designers and stationary engineers enables us to recommend the optimum aesthetic and safest solution.


Thanks to our years of experience, we have developed methods of prefabrication which is done in our facilities to reduce both the cost and the time spent at the site.


We make sure to ship the prefabricated components and materials into appropriate protective packaging, whether by road or sea transport.


The placement workshops consist of specialized, well-trained staff. With responsibility and respect to your property, we implement the final plan within the specified schedule.


With the delivery of each project, a project folder is provided containing copies of the plans, information on timber, processing, dyeing and maintenance of the construction. Each project is accompanied by a performance guarantee.


Even after the completion of each project, we are next to you. We can arrange the maintenance of the construction and perform all the necessary steps required for smooth operation over time.