Iroko is a timber in shades of golden-orange, responding with comfort in structures exposed to weather, but not excluding the equal use indoors and that is why it finds application in wooden shipbuilding, external and internal frames, internal and external cladding, floor constructions, decks, ladders, boats and ships, outdoor furniture, bench laboratories, as it is very resistant to chemical reagents. At the market it is available in the form of sawn timber and veneer.

The wood is referred to moderately hard. It can be compared with Teak in most properties and exhibits good dimensional stability while maintaining its form even after the construction. The heartwood is of high endurance. It is easy in processing both with machine and hand tools, and is a material that allows a high aesthetical and quality outcome when finished.

It has good resistance to static bending and compressive strength and moderate toughness and impact and stains very easily. It has increased photosensitivity resulting in quick changeof color when used in outdoor constructions.

Available dimensions

21mm x 120mm, 21mm x 142mm, 35mm x 130mm, 35mm x 150mm, 42mm x 42mm, 50mm x 130mm, 50mm x 150mm, 130mm x 130mm, 150mm x 150mm


A beautiful timber, ideal for both internal and mainly outdoor use, because of its physical endurance when exposed to the weather conditions and in contact with acidic materials. Concequently it is used in wooden shipbuilding, furniture, floors, exterior decks, cladding etc. In nature it is available in a variety of golden-brown shades covering a wide range of uses of high aesthetics. A heavy wood(610 – 690 kg / m3) and hard Straight grain with a rough and uneven texture, oily to the touch and sometimes with white shiny deposits. It grows in Burma and India in genuine and in Southeast Asia in A. And D. Africa and Caribbean.

Hard wood, medium density with medium bending strength, high compressive strength and low impact strength and cleavage. Resistant to fire and acids and exhibits dimensional stability. A wood with moderate behavior in curvature with steaming.It shows moderate resistance during treatment, but results in a very good paint finish and especially with oily materials

Available dimensions

20mm x 120mm, 20mm x 140mm


The larch is a small to medium sized tree 6-30 m and occupies a variety of habitats from dry acidic sandy uplands to swampy lowlands, and can survive in very poor conditions.

The larch is currently used for joinery, flooring, paneling, roofing, carpentry and shipbuilding etc. In the market is available in sawn timber and laminated timber format. The larch wood is a moderate to heavy weight and moderate hardness to hard, dense and late. The heartwood is yellowish-brown to tan with resin smell after logging or processing. The sapwood is whitish or yellowish, with large axial ritinoforous conductors.
It shows moderate resistance to fungal infestations, insects, marine borers organizations. Dried and soaked in sapwood relatively easily, but not so easily in the heartwood.

The impregnation is demanded for long term protection of wood against fungi and insects, either used at internal or exterior, in contact with the ground or not. Contributes to lengthening the life of the wood. The impregnating material is a wood preservative based on water containing copper and proven organic biocides. By immersing the timber penetrates into the structure and is integrated with it so that its removal is impossible.

Treatment is compatible although problems arise from the resin. Holds nails and wood screws fairly well and has good behavior in welding and painting while smoothing is rather moderate due to resin.

Available dimensions

21mm x 120mm, 45mm x 45mm, 45mm x 70mm, 45mm x 195mm, 45mm x 245mm


ThermoWood is a natural choice for end usages where long term durability and dimensional stability are desired. It is a great material for products affected by changing climate conditions, which have an influence on exterior claddings and garden structures. For the interiors, the attractive brown appearance and removal of resin makes the product a good choice for use in saunas, interior panels, furniture and flooring.

ThermoWood is produced using high temperature and steam. Since no chemicals are added during the process ThermoWood contains only renewable substances. As a result of the ThermoWood process, the dimensional stability, biological durability and insulation properties are permanently improved. The properties are consistent throughout the entire cross-section.

The ThermoWood process is patented and the trademark is owned by the International ThermoWood Association.

ThermoWood is an environmental friendly choice.

  • Ecological – no chemicals used
  • Attractive appearance
  • Biological durability and dimensional stability
  • Consistent treatment throughout the whole cross-section
  • Resin-free