Eucalyptus Poles


Eucalyptus poles are a 100% natural wood product, with great durability. They find many applications, in pergolas, fences and special constructions, for shading or wind protection. They are suitable for outdoor use after impregnation treatment, thanks to which they become particularly resistant to outdoor conditions for a very long time. The protection treatment also ensures that poles will not rot and will not be damaged by termites or other wood-eating insects. In their natural form (without impregnation treatment) they can be used indoors, where they are protected from the weather.

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Their special appearance and their durability over time have placed the poles high in the preferences of architects, decorators and individuals. The slightly irregular shape of the linear wood enhances its naturalness. The same goes for its coloring. Each trunk has a different tone, so their combination remains natural.

Their natural appearance (slightly uneven formation and variation of shades) makes them particularly elegant. Eucalyptus trunks are a very elegant and durable choice, either painted or in their natural form.

Available dimensions:

Pieces – Length: 3,00 M | 3.60 M | 4.50 M.

Diameter: 20 – 45 mm

Rolls – Length: 2.40 M | 3.00 M | 3.60 M with stainless steel braid