European Hardwood

Timber Expertise

European hardwood is a heavy and hard wood that withstands climatic variations well. This strong resistance and its natural durability make it an ideal species for all exterior works. Moreover. it is very flexible and easy to process. It is one of the few types of wood in strength class 1 used outdoors without impregnation. As a result, Fungi, pests, and weather do not affect wood.

European Hardwood characteristics

This type of wood features very distinctive grain styling, making it one of the visually appealing types of wood. Each piece has unique grains and colors, meaning that no two pieces are alike! Nevertheless, the varying colors and patterns look great without sacrificing performance. Registering at 2,300 psi on the Janka scale, European Hardwood is 55% harder than European white oak, making it one of the most durable woods. Also, European Hardwood is naturally water resistant, so it will not mold even when exposed to water. Finally, it is naturally antibacterial wood. Wood contains natural oils, which inhibit the growth of bacteria. This can have multiple health benefits, especially for people with respiratory problems.

Uses fo European Hardwood

It ‘s used mainly in outdoor constructions, such as furniture, wooden floors, and pergolas. Due to its exceptional strength, it is used for the construction of support beams for the construction of buildings.

Available in solid wood in rectangular and round sections and in wooden pavers.


European hardwood is an ideal choice for outdoor constructions, specifically pergolas. It has few maintenance requirements, is resistant to moisture, while at the same time it is very beautiful in appearance.

Special Constructions

This wood can be used outdoors in any construction. Its mild color and its harmonious waters highlight any space.

Wooden Pavers

Wooden pavers are extremely durable for use in direct contact with the soil. It is a very good solution for outdoor areas.