Iroko Deck

Timber Expertise

Iroko is a timber in shades of golden-orange, responding with comfort in structures exposed to weather, but not excluding the equal use indoors and that is why it finds application in wooden shipbuilding, external and internal frames, internal and external cladding, floor constructions, decks, ladders, boats and ships, outdoor furniture, bench laboratories, as it is very resistant to chemical reagents. At the market it is available in the form of sawn timber and veneer.

The wood is referred to moderately hard. It can be compared with Teak in most properties and exhibits good dimensional stability while maintaining its form even after the construction. The heartwood is of high endurance. It is easy in processing both with machine and hand tools, and is a material that allows a high aesthetical and quality outcome when finished.

It has good resistance to static bending and compressive strength and moderate toughness and impact and stains very easily. It has increased photosensitivity resulting in quick changeof color when used in outdoor constructions.