Eucalyptus Poles in Paraj in Mykonos

Poles Eucalyptus in the Paraj project in Mykonos. The poles are a key element of the decoration of the space, giving it a unique character and a unique aesthetic. They have a long life span and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Project: Paraj Mykonos

Architectural firm: AREA arch. & art

Principal Architect: Νικόλας Φραντζέσκος

Design Team: Νικόλας Φραντζέσκος, Ιωάννα Κοντιζά, Στέφανος Παππάς

Location: Super Paradise, Mykonos

Photographer: Στάθης Μποζούκας

Construction: Promelta Constructions

Materials used

κορμοί ευκαλύπτου, eukalyptous poles

Eucalyptus Poles