Pergolas in Naxos island

We are proud to announce the completion of our latest project on the beautiful island of Naxos – seven impressive pergolas made of high quality laminated pine timber and Greek reed for shading material.

At our company, we believe in using only the highest quality materials to create beautiful and functional structures that stand the test of time. This is why we chose high quality laminated pine timber and Greek reed for our pergolas on the island of Naxos. These materials not only offer excellent durability but also complement the natural beauty of the island.

Our team of skilled craftsmen worked tirelessly to create each of the seven pergolas, ensuring that every detail was perfect. From the careful selection of materials to the precision of the construction, we take pride in our work and it shows in the finished product.

Πέργκολα καθιστικού στο χώρο της πισίνας, όψη κουζίνας

Project: Residence in Naxos island

Architectural firm: GFRA

Photographer: Panagiotis Voumvakis

Ξύλινη πέργκολα στο χώρο της πισίνας