Wooden applications in Moreas Peak boutique hotel in Arkadia

At the Moreas Peak boutique hotel, our company undertook the supply and installation of wooden cladding and the construction of a wooden balcony. Moreas Peak is located in the highest settlement of mountainous Arcadia, in the picturesque village of Magouliana. The village is in harmonious balance with the natural environment, built amphitheatrically on the steep mountainside, in the dense fir forest. The entire settlement is an example of organic architecture, where buildings and environment form a unified design. The natural materials of the environment – mainly wood and stone – are included in both the exterior and interior of buildings, sometimes as structural elements, sometimes as floors or even furniture.

We were called to serve these principles of traditional architecture, implementing wooden constructions for the exterior as well as the interior of the building. At the exterior we consttruct a wooden balcony from Iroko timber. A wood exposed to the external environment of the mountainous Arcadia, which also functions as a load-bearing element, must be resistant (against fungi, moisture) but also stable (compressive and tensile forces). In addition it must be dimensionally stable with high density. The wood that has all these characteristics is Ιroko. Elegant, with warm hues and soft, even waters, it naturally integrates into the traditional design of the building.

Aged Pine was chosen for the internal cladding of the building. This timber is naturally integrated into the traditional design of the Moreas Peak boutique hotel. Pine belongs to the softwoods, such as spruce. It is a light wood with visible knots and uneven grain. It is unpretentious and natural, as each piece of wood is special. Its aged appearance enhances the traditional-rustic style of the interior. The final result is a warm, natural and cozy space.

Materials used in this project

Aged Wood