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The wooden façade (cladding) enhances the aesthetics and value of a home and lends a special architecture look. It is a very innovative choice, outdoors and indoors where the presence of wood offers views which will not go unnoticed, of course, selection of the suitable timber and processed before and during the installation must be rigorous and appropriate for each project depending on the end user’s requirements.

Our company, with many Completed projects to its credit, demonstrates its expertise in the façade industry since 2005, offering a variety of selected excellent materials and proven construction methods. We are able to propose solutions for the facade of any kind of project and to cover any desire or need of our customers. Very important is the non-visible fastening system and treatment with ecological varnishes, yet feasible treatment by artificial aging (weathered) which is very natural.

In architecture and decoration, wood always maintained and still does , a leading role. With multiple possibilities of treatment, its infinite applications and the variety in appearance and texture that acquires, offers in the domain of creation a very wide range of options. It inevitably enhances the aesthetics and value of an area. Of course an integral part of a sound, both mechanically and aesthetically, construction is the choice of a suitable timber with appropriate treatment for each project and in accordance with the requirements of the end user’s needs.

Our company, having many completed projects to its credit proves its expertise in cladding since 2005, offers a variety of selected excellent materials. The restless spirit that pervades its founders, pushed in a constant search for the best and most robust way wood application, a result of which is the hidden supports used in projects, that although they do not compromise on safety, they stand out for their aesthetic perfection, thus raising the level of the construction domain. Through the knowledge gained in this period is now able to offer solutions for any kind of cladding and cover any desire or need of our customers, taking into account a) the protection of the environment, since the processing materials of wood are ecological varnishes and b) the minimal maintenance of the construction.