In recent years, man has increasingly turned to Nature, shaping day by day a stronger environmental awareness. Following this current, architecture, respectively, turns to the use of more and more natural materials. The infinite textures of natural materials, their qualities and fields of application are their “ticket” to the area of building and construction. Moreover, the wisdom of the most primordial people, acquired from their daily survival without technology and without the comforts we enjoy today, constantly delivers us courses on the application of natural materials – lessons that modern researches and technologies come to confirm as perfect and friendly to both the user and the environment.

A choice in its absolutely natural form, which comes to us from the past, is Bamboo Branches. Bamboo belongs to the family of greens. It is a plant that is ideal – among other things – for food, housing, fencing and tool making, as it is a renewable material that grows very quickly.

Today, bamboo is considered a particularly elegant and practical material for use in constructions, as two of its most basic properties are its versatility and durability. It is enough to consider that its tensile strength competes with steel!

Available dimensions

Length: 1,00 Μ | 1,5 Μ | 2,00 Μ

Diameter: 10-20 ΜΜ | 25-30 ΜΜ