Rail System


Now ceramic decking planks of any shape and size can be installed too: from the shortest to the longest, installation will always be accurate and level.

A modular system that allows you to easily lay ceramic planks, even long ones, allowing for aesthetic solutions that were never previously possible with these tile formats.

The new MegaMart fixing headpiece ensures to lock the aluminium bar on which the new Top Rail AS head will be inserted easily, quickly and safely. The head measures as much as 120 MM in diameter and any stoneware plank format can be placed on it. With its non-slip surface, the soft AS Anti-shock rubber ensures soft and safe support.

The upper tabs, available with a thickness of 2 or 4 mm, come pre-carved allowing a quick removal in the case of lay to run or along walls.

With its distinctive shape, the Tile Rail joist can also be fixed with the whole range of Martinetto, thereby extending its benefits to the entire Impertek Pedestal Line.

Thanks to its distinctive shape, the aluminium joist, at the heart of the Tile Rail system, can be easily coupled to the special MegaMart CRH-T headpiece specifically designed for this purpose.