Teak Burma Deck


A beautiful timber, ideal for both internal and mainly outdoor use, because of its physical endurance when exposed to the weather conditions and in contact with acidic materials. Concequently it is used in wooden shipbuilding, furniture, floors, exterior decks, cladding etc. In nature it is available in a variety of golden-brown shades covering a wide range of uses of high aesthetics. A heavy wood(610 – 690 kg / m3) and hard Straight grain with a rough and uneven texture, oily to the touch and sometimes with white shiny deposits. It grows in Burma and India in genuine and in Southeast Asia in A. And D. Africa and Caribbean.

Hard wood, medium density with medium bending strength, high compressive strength and low impact strength and cleavage. Resistant to fire and acids and exhibits dimensional stability. A wood with moderate behavior in curvature with steaming.It shows moderate resistance during treatment, but results in a very good paint finish and especially with oily materials