Teak Burma

Timber Expertise

TEAK BURMA is a wood of special natural beauty and exceptional durability, which is offered both for indoor use, but mainly for outdoor use due to its natural durability when exposed to weather conditions and when it comes in contact with acidic materials. Genuine Teak grows in Burma and the Indian subcontinent, but also in the SE. Asia, in the East. and West. Africa and the Caribbean.


Teak has very special golden-brown shades, which change over time. Its surface is homogeneous, with almost linear “waters”. It has excellent dimensional stability (it will not swell and shrink) and its capacity in natural Teak oil makes it resistant to biological enemies, fungi and wood-eating insects. It is a hard wood, of medium density, with moderate flexural strength, high compressive strength and low impact and tear resistance. It is very resistant to fire and acids, does not stain easily and compared to other woods has minimal maintenance requirements.


It is mostly used in the construction of floors, boats and ships, as it is very resistant to external conditions, as well as in cladding, pergolas, stairs and furniture.

Available dimensions

20mm x 120mm | 20mm x 140mm | 40 x 80mm | 26 x 160mm | 90 x 290mm | 50 x 150mm | 45 x 45mm