Residence in Alimos


Cladding of WESTERN RED CEDAR timber, indoors and outdoors of the residence. Internally, one part of the roof has been lined with slats, while the rest of the ceiling has been lined with stiles-always mounted with hidden non-visible fastening systems, with excellent weathered finish. Externally, it was lined, again with non-visible system, with treated timber suitable for outdoor use.

The interior of the house  is shaded by sliding panels   of Western Red Cedar timber with only 30mm  frame . A perfect  privacy screen that blocks out unattractive views and ensures that we get the privacy we want.  Impressive, symmetrical   construction of the boards  that are positioned horizontally with hidden supports in the panels, with  a warm natural wood  for outdoor use.

Τοποθεσία: Alimos, Attiki
Αρχιτέκτονες: AKKM Architects
Φωτογράφοι: George Messaritakis