Aged Wood

Timber Expertise

People have always come to the logic of reusing wood, either in pursuit of diversity or even due to a lack of material.

As it is a “living” material, wood over time retains a large part of its properties or even improves. The used timber, which has now fulfilled its purpose as a shutter or as a wall of a barn, is for many an excellent raw material from which something new will be created. Thus, the shutter can be turned into a surface for painting or a fantastic table to accommodate friends on your terrace. The walls of the old barn – if their dimensions allow – will be converted into furniture or decorative and utilitarian objects: a pergola, a shelter, a door.

Today, an entire sector in the field of architecture and decoration is dedicated to aged wood, which is constantly gaining ground thanks to the charm and mystery it gives to any construction.

But as the requirements of architectural and decorative trends are more demanding, technology and science have enabled us to talk about aged wood; in other words, for a new material properly processed to have the appearance and texture of the old one.

Iroko, Premium Pine, Teak Burma, Western Red Cedar, Oregon, Merandi, are just some of the types of timber to which the process of aging is applied. The special characteristics of each type make them ideal for satisfying the wishes of the end user.


A pergola with Aged Wood can have a special vintage aesthetic and retain all the qualities and advantages of the selected timber.


Now the aged wood allows us to invest with modern materials a space, while maintaining its vintage or industrial aesthetics.

Special Constructions

Aged Wood is ideal for special constructions in which vintage aesthetics and the application of modern materials are essential.