Premium Pine

Timber Expertise

PREMIUM PINE belongs to the soft white wood, it comes from Northern Europe and its color can be from golden yellow to brown yellow with visible roses.


It is a mature and dense wood, with medium to large weight and hardness ranging from medium to large. Its impregnation is necessary for the long-term protection of the wood from fungi and insects, whether it concerns the use of indoor or outdoor space, in contact with the earth, or not. This process contributes to the prolongation of wood’s life.


Used for the construction of deck and pergolas. It is probably the most familiar wood to us, since it was generally used in the past decades, both in the manufacture of furniture and in frames, doors, wooden constructions and more. In recent years, thanks to ecological impregnation materials, which are not toxic to humans, it recaptures the consumers preference.

Available in laminated timber.