Resysta hybrid


The RESYSTA material is the closest imitation wood. It is constructed from pieces of wood, such as WPC, is 100% resistant to moisture, to tear as well as any damage by insects and fungi, and is not affected by sea water or chloride. It does not change its composition and physical appearance makes it quite popular in the world. For use in homes and in business premises stands for friendliness towards the user. It is a material that offers the beauty and image of wood but not the maintenance needs of real wood.

The RESYSTA material is the most ecological and sets new denominator in the management of natural resources. In addition to physical appearance available it is feasible to color processing by a wide variety of colors to artificial aging, or in different wood tones or even more vivid colors. With membrane treatment applicators in desired hue increases the lifetime of the selected color and the material becomes easier to clean from oil or other stubborn stains.

And of course all the company supports them with 15 YEARS WARRANTY provides.

Resysta stands out with its unique material properties not only due to its special longevity, but also to its feel and look and the variety of possibilities it offers in facade design. Resysta surpasses tropical wood, its natural model, in every respect. It is waterproof, it does not splinter, swell or split and it is resistant to fungal and insect infestation. It is also low-maintenance and versatile in color and design and it does not grey, since it contains no wooden components. The material was especially designed for outdoor use and durably withstands aggressive climate, environment and temperature influences. these outstanding properties make Resysta the optimal material for facades today in the future.

Resysta is an innovative material made of polymers and rice husks. Unlike natural wood, it does not grey, crack, rot or splinter. The combination of these properties makes this material extremely resistant to weathering caused by sun, rain, snow, ice, salt water and chlorine. System 1 is an appealing design element for commercial projects. The intelligently designed interlocking system allows for particularly easy installation. Optimal water drainage is assured if mounted horizontally. For additional effectiveness we recommend the staggering of joints. The profiles in System 2 can be easily attached to an underlying construction with the help of wall hooks. Profiles in System 3 are available in two version: with straight or slanted edges. Attachment of the profiles to the underlying construction can be visible or invisible depending on own personal taste.

The added PLUS for your project:

  • Weather-resistant
  • Dimensionally stable
  • UV-resistant
  • Custom design
  • Permanently colorfast
  • No graying or flaking of the surface
  • Fire protection class B1 available
  • No cracking
  • Durability class 1 to fungal attacks
  • Easy installation
  • Recyclable

15 year warranty is provided