Eucalyptus Poles in Escape View in Lefkada

Escape View is located in the mountainous Fterno, with a unique view of Nidri and the islands of the area. Eucalyptus poles, treated for use in an outdoor environment, were placed on all pergolas. Poles are a key point in the overall aesthetic effect as they are a completely natural material, which is in harmony with the wider environment. Their natural colour is mild and shows slight variations, which enhances their naturalness. At the same time, it is a very durable wood. Thanks to the treatment it has undergone, it will not be attacked by fungi and wood-eating insects. In this project, the poles perfectly meet the need for shading and decoration in a very elegant way.

Materials used

κορμοί ευκαλύπτου, eukalyptous poles

Eucalyptus Poles