Western Red Cedar

Timber Expertise

WESTERN RED CEDAR is an aromatic wood, of unique natural beauty and great stability. Its distinctive texture and warm shades make it unique. The largest cedar in the world is in the Olympic National Park in Washington, USA, with dimensions of 22 m. Height, 55 m. circumference and age over 2,000 years old!


Although it is a relatively soft wood, it has very good dimensional stability due to the low density of the wood and the low shrinkage factor. It is one of the few woods that remain stable in the long run.


This particular wood finds many applications outdoors, in exterior cladding, wall beams, ceilings, columns, beams, doors and outdoor furniture. In the interior decoration it can be used in saunas, furniture and other objects of everyday life.

Western red Cedar is available in the form of solid, laminated timber and shingles.


In the most demanding projects, where aesthetics and high durability are essential, Western Red Cedar finds application in pergolas that last over time.


Durability and attractive appearance. If these are non-negotiable requirements for your project, then Western Red Cedar is the best choice for wood cladding.


This unique wood is an ideal choice for the construction of shading blinds. It has excellent resistance to environmental conditions and very good stability.

Custom Applications

The unique texture of Western Red Cedar shingles and their warm, natural shades give every construction an impressive look. At the same time, this wonderful wood has an excellent behavior in moisture and very good durability, characteristics that guarantee that your construction will last a long time.