Sliding shading system S-50

Shading systems

Sliding shading system S-50 represents the modern protection of buildings from sunlight and wind while providing privacy. At the same time it allows architects to design the facades of buildings without any restrictions.

Privacy and sun protection combined in one

S-50 combines the German quality of construction of metal frame guides and mechanisms as well as the design flexibility provided by our company through the wide range of wood we provide. S-50 sliding shading system perfectly integrates the elements of a modern design and new technologies. For the first time, design, security and flexibility coexist in the same system. In addition, all parts of the system are manufactured for external use, corrosion resistant and have undergone durability and quality tests. Discover the countless options provided by sliding shading systems.

περσίδες με ξυλεία κέδρου
Individual sun protection

Do you want to design your shutters individually? Should your sliding shutters perfectly match your existing façade? Choose from the wide range of RAL, NCS, DB and special paint colors, the gloss level and the surface structure of the sliding aluminum profiles and take advantage of the color authenticity and great durability. Choose the timber that perfectly suits your requirements according to its natural shade, and its grading. We will suggest you the timber wich will fully meet your needs. We provide countless design options for any project, of any scale.

Advanced technology for modern architecture

Sliding shutters act as architectural elements, which determine the privacy and sun protection on the facade while controlling daylight. In addition, they are fully functional in wind conditions. They provide flexibility in handling movement, which can be manual or electric, at the touch of a button or wireless transmitter. The components (runners, stoppers and lower guides) are of high quality for quiet, smooth movements without much effort. Depending on your design and construction requirements you can choose between single-leaf, double-leaf or multi-leaf systems (symmetrical or telescopic moveme).

Two leaf – symmetrical movement
Two leaf – telescopic movment

Timber suitable for sliding system S-50
ksileia kedrou

Western Red Cedar


teak burma δοκιδες

Teak Burma

Premium Pine